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Real Property Management in Calgary reminds of the importance of performing Fall Maintenance

The changing of the season means that it is time to attend to those maintenance issues at your rental property that you left on the back burner during the busy summer months. While this isn’t advisable, we know that sometimes things can left on the shelf. When you are in a situation like this, our team at Real Property Management have a few maintenance reminders and tips for property owners on how to finish up their “To Do” lists:

Head Outside First

Before the colder weather hits, you will want to ensure that your property will be protected from the elements and critters that may want to seek shelter. Ensure that water cannot get in and freeze by patching up the small holes or cracks on the outside of the property. You may want to look closely, because these aren’t always easy to find. However, anything you leave open can invite critters that could squeeze through small spaces. You should also discourage nesting by making permanent repairs or covering open areas with either a steel mesh or aluminum flashing, depending on the animal you are barring.

Once you have secured the perimeter, check the condition of the roof. Make sure that all shingles are secure to deter moisture during a storm and also just to ensure that they don’t fall off. Clear any debris from your rain gutters to ensure they don’t get clogged and eventually break. Trim any low hanging tree branches that touch any part of your house. Cover the air conditioning unit and and winterize your irrigation system, and don’t forget to turn off irrigation water and cover spigots.

Once all this is done, it’s time to step inside.

Rental Property Maintenance Moves Indoors

To ensure energy efficiency, check all doors and windows for air leaks. Apply weather stripping or caulk to any drafty areas to keep your tenant’s bills down, and also to protect your heating system in the long term. This would also be a good time to check and make sure that the locks are still secure. If your property has a fireplace with a chimney, have it swept out to prevent fire hazards.

Having your HVAC system serviced at least once per year will help it have a longer lifespan. Ensure the filters are changed regularly, and leave extras for the tenant to use. Ensure that the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have fresh batteries and are working properly. Lastly, check the attic for adequate insulation to prevent ice damming on the roof.

By performing seasonal maintenance, you are not only helping your property maintain its value, but you are also able to be proactive about needed maintenance. It can also help you from making repairs when it is extremely cold or hot outside.

As the trusted property management company of Calgary, our professionals at Real Property Management can assist you in finding someone to perform the maintenance. Contact us today!

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