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How to Choose a Calgary Property Management Company

Hello. My name is Greg Bacheller with Real Property Management and I’m here to talk to you about your rental property. Choosing a property management company can be challenging and here’s why: On the outside it appears everyone is providing the same services, which makes it difficult to narrow down which companies you’ll actually call. Interviewing companies over the phone and in person takes hours, as is following up on references, pouring through lengthy contracts and legal documents, and getting answers to your follow up questions.

As you can see this process can be daunting and time consuming. So here’s a few questions you might consider if you’re planning on interviewing other management companies. Number one: What fees are charged to lease and manage your home and are there any hidden fees in the contracts? Number two: How many homes and what types of properties do they manage? Number three: How many homes do they lease per month and their average days on market? Number 4: How quickly do they get your monthly rental proceeds to you?

Homeowners have asking us these questions for years, and that’s why we manage tens of thousands of rental properties nationwide as our clients can affirm, we eliminate the headaches, hassles, and challenges of being a landlord.

So you now have a choice to make. You can spin your wheels interviewing researching and pouring through hundreds of pages of legal documents for several companies. Or you can hire the done for you, no headaches, no hassles guaranteed services of Real Property Management. We know how stressful leasing and managing a home can be, and we know it takes a large and dedicated staff to manage your home effectively. We currently have tens of thousands of property owners who rest easy every night, knowing their properties are being professionally managed, 24/7, 365 days a year. We have a customized plan to lease and manage your home. No trial and error, let’s see how it goes attitude here. We will get your home leased quickly to qualified tenants and get the money to you in a timely fashion every month with the most accountable tracking system in the industry. We would not have the client base that we do if we can deliver on our promises day in and day out.

There are two ways to get in contact with us for your free no obligation in home consultation to let you know what your property will rent for. Fill out the contact information form on this website and we will call you back shortly, or just give us a call.

Working hard to be your Calgary Property Manager.

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