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10 "Tricks" Tenants may use!

With Halloween just around the corner many people will be looking at the Trick or Treat Occassion as a fun event. However, when it comes to a tenant not paying rent it is no treat for the home owner/landlord. Here are some tricks (excuses) Tenants have actually used when not paying their rent:

1. "We had to sell all the recessed lighting trim, garage door opener and the dishwasher to get most of the rent together! We have someone coming for the Washer and Dryer next week and I'll have the rest for you."

2. "The rent is late because there is a heating situation at the house. I hired an HVAC guy to move your vents around. He charged me $600.00 so I passed that charge to you."

3. "If you think I'm gonna give you money to live in this dump, you're dreamin."

The landlords response - It was nice beforr he shi##ed it up over the last few years with his unauthorized animals including his wife if you want to call her that. - Jimmy in Columbus, OH

4. "Of course the check bounced! Duh! You never even called to make sure I had the money in there BEFORE going to the bank!"

5. "Com'mon in! Want some chips? Want a beer? Oh, the rent? Sorry, we're having a party."

6. "I know behind, but I’m still fighting for my social security disability. I do have $500 for you now, I’ll drop it off after my softball game."

7. "Well.... we had hot wings on Friday night..." After probing further, he said: "One thing kinda led to another and the guys wanted to play poker.... Sorry."

8. "I won't be paying the rent for July. I can't give you any details, but we are going into the witness protection program. They'll probably send us out of state, I can't tell you any more than that. We should be gone within a week and a half."

9. Hi I got your letter about late rent... I also got a letter from a 'Barrister in Toro' saying someone in my family died (that I don't even know) died and they left me 3.7 million dollars. So as soon as they can transfer this to US dollars I will pay my rent."

10. "I don't have our lease handy, but I'm pretty sure there was something about not paying rent when we are not here... We was on vacation for 2 and a half weeks."

The above list was sourced from

Do you have an excuse that a tenant has used on you? Please email us and share.

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